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We're Jammin'

Lessons are delivered in person by me, live online, using Zoom.

I offer one to one lessons for Adults of all abilities, I also have small group lessons and larger group workshops. In a lesson we will work together on tunes and technique, on confidence and singing (if you like)  – and I’ll show you how you can make great progress, move to the next level and enjoy yourself along the way. You might already have a specific goal, just let me know.

Your First Lesson will be introductory by nature, it will contain some consultation, so I can hear and understand where you’re at. But it will be a chance for us to get to know each other a bit better and assess your needs. No need to book a whole course of lessons, do one and decide whether you like it and want to do any more. If you do, simply book another lesson at a later date. If not, we will forever cherish our brief encounter. My classes are on a first come first served basis and you can contact me on this site. Here are the details and prices:



Solo Private Lesson           (1 hr)            £50

Two-person Lesson           (1 hr)            £65

Larger Group Workshop   (1hr +)          £20 pp, ph

(minimum number for large groups is 5, maximum is 50)

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